06 February 2013


Greetings. This website records research into my mother's ancestry, which we share with many other descendants of Allan Christie and Elizabeth Black. The family story starts in 18th and 19th century Scotland, Ireland and England, and continues on to New Zealand and Australia. Names of ancestors include Christie, Black, Coffey, Noonan, Kilgour and more. The site is designed to make information, source documents and media freely available to those who might be interested, near or far. New material is added and updated as time goes by. If you wish, you can subscribe to updates in the box on the right. Meanwhile, the family tree is here. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Maria Black (1896-1994)

Allan Pearson Christie (1898-1977)

With thanks to Christine Butterfield for the images.


  1. Ready to go on this journey with you Marie ! What a fantastic idea and gift to all of the Christies. xx Elena

  2. Thanks Elena. It was time to share some of the diggings. Lovely to have your company! Marie x